What to Do if Your Child Eats Something Toxic? ER Near Me

What to Do if Your Child Eats Something Toxic? ER Near Me

Children are naturally curious and will put anything and everything they can into their mouths. From prescription medication to cleaning products and even cosmetics, children will always be tempted to put such items into their mouths. As per the subject matter experts over at frontlineer.com, the leading cause of death in children is actually accidental injuries, of which accidental poisonings are an example of such injuries. As backed up by the folks over at frontlineerrichmond.com, one of the most common reasons why children end up in an ER is due to accidentally ingesting something toxic, which goes to show how much of a problem this can be. As a parent, if your child has eaten something toxic, you will be extremely worried and the stress of it all may make it difficult to know how to proceed in such a situation. This article, with the help of the gurus over at frontlineerdallas.com, should therefore be of great help as it will look to highlight what you should do if your child eats something toxic.

If you suspect that your child has eaten something toxic, then as per the folks over at frontlineer.com, you should calm yourself down, as if you become frantic and you panic, you may end up missing crucial information on the toxic item swallowed, which will be needed for treatment. If you know for sure that your child has eaten something toxic, then don’t wait for a reaction, especially since sometimes the reaction after swallowing something toxic may be delayed hence why it is important that you act as soon as possible. The gurus over at frontlineerrichmond.com, also explain that if you suspect that your child has eaten something toxic, then you should calmly look for what is missing and establish if they swallowed the toxic substance or not. For example, of the toxic substance is your prescription meds, you can check the bottle and count the pills to establish the number of pills missing. You should also take your child away from the rest of the toxic substance so as to ensure they don’t continue to cause themselves harm. If some of the toxic substance is still in their mouth, then as per the excellent frontlineerdallas.com, you should try and get it out of their mouth with your fingers to make sure they don’t swallow it.

You should not attempt to make your child to vomit if they have swallowed something toxic as this will only serve to burn their throat and mouth once again. You should then call poison control first, as per the gurus over at frontlineer.com, and give them as much information as possible on what your child has ingested. You will be advised on how to proceed and whether or not you should call 911 and have your child taken to an ER near you, like the highly rated frontlineerrichmond.com. Even if your child seems perfectly well, you should have them taken to an ER near you, especially if you have been advised to do so by poison control. If your child is experiencing severe throat pain or has burns on their lips or mouth, then you should have them taken to an ER near you as soon as possible. When going to the ER, make sure you take the container of the toxic substance with you to show the ER staff so that they can know to proceed. If the toxic substance was a fruit or plant, take a picture that will allow ER staff, like the excellent ones over at frontlineerdallas.com, to identify it.

There are certain symptoms however, if your child is exhibiting after having eaten something toxic, then the course of action to be taken is to call 911 so that the can be taken to an ER near you, such as the highly rated frontlineer.com. These include difficulty breathing and shortness of breath, convulsions and seizures, a loss of consciousness, your child begins to vomit, is exhibiting changes in behavior or is extremely sleepy and drowsy, all of which mean you should call 911 as soon as possible for an ambulance to come and have them taken to an ER near you as soon as possible. In such a situation, as per the subject matter experts over at frontlineerrichmond.com, you should not try and drive your child to an ER near you, unless you have been told it is safe to do so by emergency services. Which is why it is important to call poison control or 911, even for symptoms such as burns on lips or mouth, so that you can be advised on how to proceed. As per the folks over at frontlineerdallas.com, even if your child seems fine after they’ve eaten something toxic, don’t assume they are okay as some toxic substances have a delayed reaction as mentioned above. It is also important to be updated with key information about your child such as their weight, height, age, any medical conditions, any medications they are taking on top of the information on the toxic substance ingested, which emergency services will require when attending to your child.

The above are some of the things you should do if your child has eaten something toxic, with the excellent frontlineer.com, frontlineerrichmond.com and frontlineerdallas.com being available to you if you need more information as well as emergency medical services on the same.


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