Top 5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room: Ultrasounds

Top 5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room: Ultrasounds

Every one of us, at some point or the other, has suffered an injury or an illness. There are those conditions that can be handled at home or by seeing one’s primary physician, and there are those that are very serious and require a visit to an emergency room such as the fantastic Even though you may already have symptoms or signs, and may be able to narrate to the emergency room doctor what happened or how you are feeling, there may be need for tests to be done for better and more accurate diagnosis. This is where imaging scans come in, with ultrasounds being one of them which is very helpful as far as diagnosis is concerned. An ultrasound works by making use of high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the patient’s internal body structures and therefore is a great asset as far as diagnosis goes in emergency rooms. It is also worth pointing out that ultrasounds that are used for imaging of the heart are called echocardiograms. Another thing worth noting is that while in most cases ultrasounds are non-invasive, there are instances where a probe may be used to perform the scan. If you are looking for the top 5 reasons to visit an emergency room as far as ultrasounds are concerned, then continue reading this article.

The very first reason we are going to highlight as far as ultrasounds are concerned and visiting an emergency room such as the excellent, is the one commonly associated with them and that is pregnancy-related complications. Ultrasounds come in handy in diagnosing ectopic pregnancies, as they will be able to confirm or rule out the same in cases where it is being suspected. We all know that ectopic pregnancies are potentially life-threatening and as such the role played by ultrasounds cannot be stressed enough. A special kind of ultrasound known as the Doppler ultrasound also helps in the diagnosis of another serious pregnancy complication, preeclampsia. It is important that this be caught early before it develops into eclampsia which is potentially fatal to both the mother and baby during labor.

If you are showing signs of appendicitis, you should also head over to an emergency room as soon as possible, where an ultrasound may come in handy in detecting the same. Appendicitis, as we all know is the inflammation of the appendix, and it can be potentially fatal especially if the inflamed appendix bursts, releasing its contents into the abdomen and leading to sepsis. That is why if you are showing signs of the same such as severe vomiting and abdominal pain that starts on the navel and radiates towards the lower right side of the abdomen, or upper right for pregnant women, you should head over to an emergency room as soon as possible where the ultrasound will enable detect the same.

The fact that an ultrasound can be used to give a very clear and detailed view of the eye and its internal structures, it is a great diagnostic tool as far as eye emergencies are concerned as is discussed in detail over at the ever reliable This means that if you have suffered any cuts, burns or blunt trauma to the eye or eyelid or it has been exposed to chemicals, then when you visit an emergency room, an ultrasound may be used to check for the extent of the injuries and hence be able to guide the doctor on how to proceed as far as treatment is concerned. If you have foreign object lodged in the eye, an ultrasound will be able to detect it as well as detecting the damage it may have done. Ultrasounds will also enable the doctor to detect other cases of eye emergencies such as medical conditions such as glaucoma, eye clots among others stressing their importance in an emergency room setting.

Other than appendicitis, an ultrasound may be used to detect other serious medical conditions as far as the abdomen is concerned. If you are experiencing severe abdominal pain, heading over to the emergency room will allow for the use of an ultrasound to detect conditions such as kidney stones which can be quite painful to pass requires one to head over to an emergency room as soon as possible. The very serious abdominal aortic aneurysm can also be detected by use of an ultrasound, and it is important it is detected early as if the aneurysm bursts, chances of survival if, if the mortality rate of 90% is anything to go by, are pretty low. Ultrasounds can also be used to detect abdominal abscesses which should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent septic shock from ensuing.

As was mentioned earlier, an ultrasound may come in handy when tests as far as the heart goes, need to be performed, with this form of ultrasound being referred to as an echocardiogram. One of the most important roles ultrasounds play in the emergency room is when it comes to the detection of serious conditions concerning the heart such as heart attacks, heart failure among may other cases of heart disease, all covered in detail over at the ever reliable This is yet another top reason to visit an emergency room as far as ultrasounds are concerned.

Hopefully this article will come in handy in pinpointing the instances to visit an emergency room as far as ultrasounds go, with being the best one of them all to visit.


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