Top 5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room: Digital X-Rays

Top 5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room: Digital X-Rays

Since X-rays were accidentally discovered way back in 1895, they have been a great ally to medical physicians and doctors all over the world when it comes to diagnosis, including those in emergency rooms such as the excellent They enabled doctors make accurate diagnosis of conditions such as broken bones and their extent as well as detect any foreign materials in the body in case someone may have ingested something accidently. X-rays have come a long way, and over the years as the winds of technological advancements have swept through the field of medicine, they have not been left behind undergoing steady improvement culminating in the introduction of digital X-rays. Digital X-rays have revolutionized imaging diagnosis no end as they not only allow for quicker results, they also have improved storage and sharing of the same results. This has enabled doctors to quickly access and send ones results when needed, something that was quite the process before. The quickness aspect of it is very important in an emergency room setting as patients there are in need of immediate medical attention hence if the quicker they can be diagnosed, the quicker they can receive treatment to avoid any serious consequences. To find out the top 5 reasons to visit an emergency room for digital X-rays, continue reading.

One of the reasons why digital X-rays are so important in an emergency room is in cases of serious bone breaks or compound fractures. As is covered in detail over at, compound fractures, especially cases of open fractures, that is where bone is protruding through the skin, should always be treated in an emergency room. In the emergency room, physicians have access to digital X-rays that allow for the diagnosis of the fractures, and their extent which is important as compound fractures are always complex and require to be looked at carefully. The digital X-rays will also come in handy in treatment as it will guide the physician to ensure that the broken bone is well aligned and all the bone fragments are stabilized to ensure there are no further complications and that healing can occur seamlessly.

If you receive a knock on the chest from an accident or a collision and you suspect that you have broken ribs, you should also head over to an emergency room as soon as possible, and the presence of digital X-rays is one of the reasons why. We all know that broken ribs should always be taken seriously as the broken rib or ribs if you have broken more than one may puncture the underlying organs which the ribcage is there to protect. This may lead to one suffering ruptured spleen, lungs among others, all of which are potentially fatal conditions. Digital X-rays will help doctors in the emergency room to quickly detect any broken ribs and begin treatment to prevent any internal organ injury, and if there is injury, they should be able to detect and begin treatment as well.

Another top reason to visit an emergency room, one where digital X-rays play a very important role is in cases of digestive tract problems. If you have any serious digestive tract problems and are presenting with abdominal pain, doctors in the emergency room will give you Barium in a drink, and use a Digital X-ray for diagnosis as the Barium, as is covered in detail over at, is a contrast medium that will reveal any issues that are there. Speaking of the abdomen, the digital X-rays will also come in handy in detecting any swallowed items that may be in the stomach, something that is common in children with cases of swallowed items such as coins being very common in emergency rooms.

Yet another top reason to visit an emergency room as far as digital X-rays are concerned is if you are showing symptoms of serious respiratory infections such as pneumonia. Digital X-rays are able to detect evidence of lung infections such as pneumonia, keeping in mind that acute cases of pneumonia are life-threatening, hence the quick diagnosis provided by these imaging scans is crucial. Signs of heart failure as well blocked blood vessels also show up very clearly on digital X-ray scans which is important as it allows doctors to start treatment and prevent any serious consequences.

Another way digital X-rays are of great help in an emergency room setting is that they allow for the detection of bone infections as well as infections in the tooth. As we all know, and as discussed in detail over at, infections in the bones and tooth should be taken very seriously as not only can they lead to one losing functionality of the affected limb if the infected bone is in an extremity, the infection may spread leading to one going into septic shock, which is potentially fatal. If you suspect you have a bone infection, then head over to an emergency room as soon as possible, where a digital X-ray may be used to detect the same.

The above are the top 5 reasons why one should visit an emergency room as far as digital X-rays are concerned, with there being more on this and other related topics to be found over at the ever reliable


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