Top 5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room: CT Scans

Top 5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room: CT Scans

No matter how good or experienced an emergency room physician is, like the ones over at the excellent, they still require help to be able to accurately diagnose any internal damage as far as the bodies of their patients are concerned. These help is provided by a number of imaging scans, with the CT scan being one of them. The CT scan, or the computerized tomography scan to give it its full name, is a scan that allows physicians to view the inside of a patient’s body by making use of a combination of X-rays from a number of angles and then uses a computer to create images of the internal organs, bones and other tissues. It is a very important diagnostic tool in an emergency room as not only is it more detailed than an X-ray scan, it is painless and doesn’t take very long to scan. This makes it a very important tool to examine folks who may have suffered internal injuries, such as those from a car accident as it will provide great detail of any internal injuries but won’t take time as in such situations, time is very much a limiting factor as immediate treatment is required. To find out the top 5 reasons to visit an emergency room where a CT scan will come in handy, continue reading this article.

As mentioned above, and as discussed in detail over at the ever reliable, CT scans are great for detecting if one has suffered any internal injuries or if they are bleeding internally. Internal injuries and internal bleeding, and their extent are hard to tell or diagnose without the help of this imaging scan and that is why it is always important that any accidents that may come with the risk of any internal injuries be handled in emergency room. This is why folks who are involved in a car accident are always taken to an emergency room, especially if they are showing signs of internal injuries and bleeding such as being in great pain without any visible and external injuries or wounds. For instances of internal injuries and bleeding, one should head over to an Emergency room as soon as possible for a CT scan to be undertaken.

Another well-known medical condition that should always lead to a visit to an emergency room is a stroke. This is because this is a serious and life-threatening condition, one that is responsible for a significant number of emergency room visits and even deaths every year in the U.S and all over the world. One of the main reasons why a stroke can only be handled in an emergency room is not only due to the fact that the emergency room has the qualified physicians as well as the medication and equipment for treatment, but also due to the fact that in the CT scan, they have a mechanism to be able to detect and diagnose the extent of the same. If you show up to an ER with the classic symptoms of a stroke such as severe headache, drooping on one side of the body, among others, it is the CT scan that will be used to detect the clots in the brain that may be responsible for the stroke and the extent enabling the physicians to come up with the right mode of treatment.

Another top reason to visit an emergency room where the CT scan comes in handy is in cases of abdominal aortic aneurysms, or AAA as it commonly referred to as. The CT scan plays a very important role, especially in catching this condition early since the mortality rate of a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm stands at 90% which means that chances of one surviving once it ruptures are extremely low. As per the subject matter experts over at, if one begins to present with symptoms of the same such as intense and persistent abdominal pain that usually radiates to the buttocks and legs, then it is important to head over to an emergency room, where the CT scan will come in handy in diagnosis of the same, to enable treatment to begin.

CT scans also come in handy when looking to determine other causes of abdominal or pelvic pain. In most cases, abdominal or pelvic pain indicates something serious, and it is why most cases end up in the emergency room. The CT scan will be able to help detect serious conditions such as appendicitis, which may be life-threatening if not attended to as soon as possible especially if the inflamed appendix bursts. CT scans will also come in handy in detecting other serious conditions such as kidney and bladder stones, which can be very painful as well as injuries t abdominal organs such as the spleen, liver, kidneys among others.

CT scans also play an important role in the emergency room in detecting and diagnosing of vascular diseases that can be fatal if left untreated as per the gurus over at These include cases of pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the lung, cases of heart disease, blood clots that may cause heart attacks among as well as excess fluids in the internal organs.

From the above discussion, it is clear that CT scans play a very important role in emergency rooms, with being the best one out there to visit.


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