Top 10 Tips: What Telemedicine Companies are Publicly Traded

Top 10 Tips: What Telemedicine Companies are Publicly Traded

Telemedicine, as is covered in detail over at, is a gamechanger as far as the healthcare industry goes, as it makes use of telecommunications technologies to bring a level of convenience never before seen in this sector. Telemedicine is doing particularly well in the current coronavirus crisis and it is set to continue growing stronger for the foreseeable future, as revealed in discussions over at Now is therefore the perfect time to invest in telemedicine stocks, and if you are to do so, you need to know which of those companies are publicly traded. This article will look to help with that by highlighting the top 10 telemedicine companies which are publicly traded, or which are doing so well that it is important one keeps an eye on them.

Teladoc Health

Formerly known as Teladoc as is discussed over at, this is the only pure-play telemedicine company that is publicly traded in the U.S. As an innovator and pioneer in this field, it is no surprise to see them leading the way yet again. The company has been on an excellent winning streak over the last couple of months and has seen its shares go from about $70 to a staggering $136 in just a matter of months. This rise, as is covered over at, has been brought about by the fact that the use of its platform has more than doubled in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.


While it is not a purely telemedicine company, it is a big player in the healthcare sector and has a big presence in the telemedicine and telehealth field through programs such as Humana at Home and Kindred at Home, as is discussed over at Its telemedicine platforms allow customers to reach out to and connect with doctors and nurses from all over the country, and it is poised to expand this part of their business as telemedicine continues to grow.


This, as is revealed in discussions on the same over at, is one of the biggest players in the healthcare sector, and as such it is no surprise to find out that they have their own telemedicine program. If you are an existing Cigna customer, then, as per the gurus over at, you have the option to opt-in to their telemedicine platform, connecting with doctor or a nurse whenever you need one. Cigna is also set to grow its telemedicine program, making it a bigger part of its business.

CVS Health

CVS is of course not traditionally synonymous with the healthcare sector, but after their merger with Aetna in 2018, they created a healthcare program in the company known as CVS Health as is discussed in detail over at Among the services offered in this program are telemedicine services, particularly though its MinuteClinic program. It is yet another company whose stocks are worth checking out, particularly since they are also set to grow their telemedicine presence even more in the coming future.


Their telemedicine platform, LiveHealth Online, is one of the most vibrant out there, and according to the gurus over at, it delivers doctor visits straight to their customers phone. With telemedicine and telehealth in general set to grow in the next couple of years, you can see them growing their telemedicine program to take advantage of this growth, which is why you should also keep a close eye on their stocks.

Next up we are going to take a look at some of the telemedicine companies which may not be publicly traded as of now, but are worth keeping an eye on for when they do get listed.

Doctor on Demand

As is revealed in discussions on them over at, they were found in 2012 and since then, they have gone from strength to strength. They are a platform connecting patients with a variety of healthcare professionals, and are one of the fastest growing players in the telemedicine sector, particularly through their Synapse platform that was launched in February of last years, 2019. This is one company worth keeping a close eye on for when they go public.


They were actually founded way back in 2006, with a more detailed wright-up on their history to be found over at They are a platform connecting patients with a variety of healthcare professionals from primary care doctors to psychiatrists and so forth. Having acquired Breakthrough Behavioral, which is a telemedicine provider whose focus is on mental health, in 2014, they are yet another telemedicine company to follow closely for when they do become publicly traded.

Grand Rounds

As is revealed in discussions on the same over at, they were founded in 2011, and have managed to raise about $106 million in funding up to now, which is impressive to say the very least. They are yet another telemedicine company making waves in the healthcare industry, and they are set to have a bright future, which is why you should definitely have a close eye on them in case they go public so that you can invest.

American Well Corporation

Having been founded in 2006, they have managed to raise about $517 million so far in funding, which is absolutely staggering. They have a very vibrant health plan, with an excellent telemedicine program, which is discussed in more detail over at With over 150 million people having access to their Amwell telemedicine program, they are yet another company worth following closely so that you can invest when they do go public.


Privately owned by medical business VirTrial, as per discussions on the same over at, it is yet another telemedicine company that you should keep an eye on in case they become publicly traded. Its numbers are definitely great, which is why you should keep a close eye on as they will be a great company to invest in over the next couple of years.

This article has covered all bases as far as this topic is concerned, highlighting the one pure-play telemedicine company that is publicly traded, highlighting also other publicly traded companies in the healthcare sector that, although not pure-play telemedicine companies, have got vibrant telemedicine and telehealth programs as well as those telemedicine companies that can’t be bought privately yet but are worth keeping an eye on for when they do. It is our hope that this article will be of great help to you, with there being more on this and other related topics over at


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