Top 10 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room Instead of Urgent Care Clinic

Top 10 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room Instead of Urgent Care Clinic

If you’re ever faced with an illness or injury, you might wonder which option would be best—going to the emergency room or urgent care clinic? Although most people choose urgent care over going to the ER, it’s actually one of the worst options when you consider the time and money involved in both scenarios. Here are 10 reasons why going to the emergency room instead of urgent care will benefit you and your family long-term.

1) Serious issues can be addressed right away

2) No need to leave work

3) Better clinical care

4) Avoid waiting in line at urgent care

5) Experienced doctors

6) No co-pay or deductible

7) Expedited diagnosis

8) Higher level of service

9) Less time spent in the office

10) Convenient and more accessible locations

Emergencies are time sensitive. When you have a medical issue that is not a true emergency, it’s easy to postpone or avoid seeing a doctor altogether. This is why urgent care centers fill up fast. Emergencies are different. A heart attack isn’t going away if you wait a few days; it’s only getting worse. Minor issues can be addressed at another time: If you aren’t comfortable with your doctor and are experiencing minor issues, such as frequent colds or flu-like symptoms, or recurring infections, it may be worth visiting another medical professional or simply speaking with your physician about these complaints in more detail at your next appointment.


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