Top 10 Emergency Rooms that Treat Chest Pain in Dallas Texas

Top 10 Emergency Rooms that Treat Chest Pain in Dallas Texas

Chest pain is not always a sign of a heart attack, but the fact that it could be means that it should always be taken seriously and one should never try to diagnose themselves but should go to an emergency room like the brilliant If you are in Dallas Texas and are looking for a place to go to in such a situation, this article will look to help by highlighting 10 of the best emergency rooms in the area that treat chest pain.

Frontline ER Dallas

This is arguably the best emergency room in Dallas Texas, and as seen over at, the testimonials and reviews back this up. They are well placed to handle all sorts of emergencies including chest pains, with all the diagnostic tools such as EKGs, digital X-rays, CT scans and so much more as well as highly trained doctors and nurses to interpret results and start with diagnosis. The service you will receive here will be up there with the best in Dallas and they are definitely worth checking out.

Advance ER – Park Cities

They have an on-site radiology wing that has the equipment to diagnose the cause of your chest pain quickly and accurately with tests such as CT scans, x-rays and many others. Their doctors, nurses and technicians are also very warm and caring and make you feel cared for during your stay there. Their services are also quite affordable and they also accept most of the major credit cards and insurance covers.

Advance ER – Galleria

Just as is the case for their sister facility in Park Cities, this is yet another highly rated emergency room in Dallas Texas that treats chest pain. They have every angle covered as far as diagnosis and treatment is concerned from CT scans, EKGs, the requisite medication and cardiac monitoring equipment among others, as is also seen over at They also offer very affordable services and on top of that they accept most of the major credit cards and insurance covers which helps with the costs.

Trusted ER

As their name suggests, they are a trusted emergency room in Dallas Texas, helping with all sorts of emergencies including chest pain. They have highly qualified and experienced doctors and nurses, who will diagnose you and have you treated as soon as possible. If you require specialized treatment, they also have access to specialists, as is the case also for the excellent All in all, they are such safe hands to be in when in such a situation.

Trusted ER – Hillcrest

They are just as impressive as their sister facility discussed above, with an on-site radiology suite that has got all the equipment to diagnose your condition from CT scans to X-rays and so forth. And as is the case over at as well, they have board-certified doctors, nurses and technicians who know their stuff and will ensure you are in safe hands as you receive treatment.

The Colony ER Hospital

They have a quick-response ambulance fleet and could have one dispatched to your location if your chest pain is severe and is impeding breathing. At the emergency room, they have every angle covered from diagnosis with CT scans and EKGs among others to treatment with medication and others, just as is the case over at They accept most of the major insurance covers and credit cards and also have payment plans that help make the costs even more affordable.

Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Room

Open 24/7 for 365 days a year, just like the excellent, they are a reliable emergency room to go to for treatment of your chest pain. There are no waiting times for such serious symptoms and you will be seen straight away where they will make use of the on-site radiology department to have you diagnosed quickly so that you can get treated. Here, you can also access specialists such as cardiologists if your situation requires the same which is yet another reason why you should visit them for chest pain.

Code 3 ER & Urgent Care

As is the case over at, you will be seen immediately if you come in complaining of chest pain as they don’t have any waiting times for major emergencies. Their on-site radiology wing allows them to diagnose patients quickly and accurately and will come in handy in this situation. They will then proceed with treatment, with their board-certified emergency physicians having the knowhow and experience to know exactly what is required based on the diagnosis.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care

From their on-site radiology suite which allows for quick results as far as diagnosis of your chest pain goes to their highly qualified and experienced doctors and nurses, you will be in safe hands when you visit them for chest pain, as you would when you visit the excellent If you need access to a specialist, then they will provide you with the same and if you need to be admitted so that you can be monitored say overnight, they have a suite that makes this possible, with all the requisite facilities such as cardiac monitoring equipment and many others.

ER Near Me

This is yet another excellent emergency room in Dallas Texas where you can go to if you are looking to have your chest pain treated. Their on-site radiology department makes it possible for the cause behind your chest pain to be identified quickly and their facilities and highly trained doctors and nurses make it possible for you to be treated effectively and timely. Definitely worth considering when looking for such services in Dallas Texas.

As always, the highly rated Frontline ER Dallas is the place to go if you are looking for an emergency room in Dallas Texas to go to and have your chest pain treated, and you can get more information on them and how you can reach them by visiting


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