Top 10 Emergency Rooms that Offer CT Scan in Dallas Texas

Top 10 Emergency Rooms that Offer CT Scan in Dallas Texas

There is nothing more frustrating than getting to an emergency room, being told you require a CT scan, only to find out that the facility you are in doesn’t have a CT scan machine and you will have to be referred to one that has the same. This is why it is important that you always go to an emergency room with radiology services, such as the excellent, to avoid such frustrations, especially since time is of the essence when it comes to emergencies. If you are from Dallas Texas, this article will do you one better, as not only will it list facilities offering CT scan services, it will list 10 of the very best in the area as far as this is concerned.

Frontline ER Dallas

As their extremely positive customer reviews and ratings, which are to be found over at,  will tell you, this is arguably the best emergency room in Dallas Texas. There are many reasons that are behind this high rating, one of them being that they offer full-service radiology, including CT scans. Their board-certified technicians are very kind and caring and will treat you extremely well when getting your scans that any anxiety you may have will fade into the distance. The costs also won’t burn a hole in your pocket, especially since they accept most of the major insurance covers and credit cards as well as the fact that they offer innovative payment plans if you so wish.

Trusted ER

They are yet another highly rated emergency room in Dallas Texas, with a highly-equipped radiology department that has all the requisite machines including a state-of-the-art CT scan machine. This is operated by highly trained and experienced radiology technicians who know how to handle patients of all ages from children to the elderly. The services are quick which is good news as it allows one to get diagnosed quickly so that they can proceed with treatment.

Trusted ER – Hillcrest

Just like its sister facility, which is discussed above, this one too has a fully-equipped radiology department on-site, as is the case over at the highly rated This means that if you need a CT scan, you can give them a visit for excellent services on the same. Their doctors are also extremely trustworthy and won’t send you for a CT scan if you don’t need one, which is another reason behind their popularity in the area.

Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Room

From their ultra-modern Ct scan machine to their lovely and extremely friendly radiology technicians, this is yet another of the top emergency rooms to go to in Dallas Texas for CT scan services. Just like over at the highly rated, there are very short waiting times here, and if you need a CT scan, you will be in and out of radiology within no time. Their services are also very affordable, with payment plans to help make them even more affordable.

Lakewood Emergency Room

As is the case over at Dallas’ finest,,  services here as far as CT scans go are straight from the top drawer. Quick and efficient, you will be in and out of radiology within no time at all, something that the people of the area find appealing without doubt. Their technicians are highly trained and know how to handle patients of all ages, making them such a joy to work with.

Preston Hollow Emergency Room

As seen also over at, there are little to no waiting times at this gem of an emergency room in Dallas Texas, something that applies too to their radiology wing. This means that if you need a CT scan, you won’t be made to wait for long before getting attended to. The CT scan machine is new and ultra-modern and is designed with the comfort of the patient front and center. Their radiologists also ensure that results are seen and interpreted as soon as they are out to ensure that treatment begins as soon as possible.

Advance ER – Park Cities

Not only do they have an on-site pharmacy and laboratory, as is the case also over at, they also have a fully-equipped radiology wing which has all the requisite equipment including a CT scan machine. Their radiology technicians are the kindest and friendliest you will meet anywhere in Dallas, and will definitely ensure that what is usually a stressful experience is one you can look back fondly on.

Advance ER – Galleria

This emergency room facility in Galleria is just as impressive as their Park Cities sister facility, impressing also with their CT scan services. Their trustworthy and honest doctors, a trait also seen in the doctors over at, ensure that they only recommend a CT scan if you really need one and their radiology technicians are experienced enough to help easy any anxieties one may have, particularly when dealing with children who may be reluctant to get on the CT scan machine.

Medical City ER

As is the case over at the highly regarded, this emergency room facility not only has an on-site radiology wing offering CT scan services, among other radiology services, they also have highly trained radiologists who will interpret the results on-site, eliminating the need to have to send the results to a lab for them to be interpreted. For this reason alone, they are worth considering when looking for such services in Dallas Texas.

Highland Park Emergency Room

Everything at this facility is clean and inviting, from their lobby to the exam room where you will have your CT scan taken. They also don’t charge a lot for their services and also accept most of the major credit cards and insurance covers, something that has helped make them extremely popular in the Dallas Texas area.

Remember, if you are need of CT scan services in Dallas Texas, then the best place to go for the same is over at the highly rated Frontline ER Dallas, with more information on them to be uncovered by visiting


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