Loss of Consciousness

Loss of Consciousness

When you lose consciousness or experience confusion, you need medical attention right away. Have someone call 911 and get to an emergency room as soon as possible. Breathing Problems: Trouble breathing isn’t just scary—it could be deadly. If your chest feels tight, you’re having trouble breathing, or someone notices that you’re gasping for air, you may have a serious lung problem. These symptoms may be a sign of asthma, pneumonia or a heart attack—all of which are conditions that require immediate treatment in an emergency room.

You might lose consciousness due to brain or heart problems, or it may be an allergic reaction. However, loss of consciousness for a prolonged period of time is usually a sign of a stroke. If you lose consciousness for only a short time and regain it, you do not need emergency care. Instead, call your doctor’s office during regular business hours. Note: This rule does not apply if you are pregnant or have recently been diagnosed with cancer; in those cases, always contact 911 immediately.

If you find that your friend has passed out and is unable to be woken up, you should always seek emergency treatment. First aid for loss of consciousness: 1) Lay patient down in a comfortable position; 2) Call 911; 3) Check for breathing and pulse. If he or she is unresponsive, but is breathing and has a pulse, it may not be necessary to go straight to the ER. However, if you are unsure about his/her condition or lack thereof, seek immediate medical attention.


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