How Do You Keep Your Children Active Throughout The Year ?

The start of a school year means the beginning of new habits; some bad some good. Kids have to exchange hours of swimming, playing with friends, and outings with parents, bike riding, play station for long hours of sitting and sitting and studying which is a dull routine. For this reason, you need to keep children active during the school year to deter them from hating school. It is vital that parents take steps to ensure that their kids get physical activity outside of school. Apart from doing away with dull moments, keeping your child active makes them healthy preventing some lifestyle diseases such as obesity. How do you keep your children active throughout the year?

8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Year

Make Time to Play with Your Kids

Children love to play with one another, by themselves and even with their parents. Playing with your kid creates the opportunity for you and your kids to bond over something that is fun. You also get to make memories and overturn dull moments. You could do a fitness class together, play video games with the loser having to do a particular duty so at to make it more competitive and active.

Prepare Meals Together

After a hectic day both at school and work, you could prepare dinner together while talking about how the day was. Kids need exposure and training in-house chores to mould them into responsible adults. With time, the kid will cook even before you tell them. It helps them utilise their idle time into doing something useful. In the process kids also learn about nutrition and health that could help them during their classes. Introduce new and enjoyable learning tricks.

Making Chores Fun

Most people make chores sound like a tedious duty and punishment to kids. However, teaching your kids to do tasks makes them more responsible, and it’s another way to work out and keep them healthy. But how do you make house chores acceptable? A few twists of the game could make kids all jumpy and excited about the duties. You can have the kids race to complete a task the fastest, or compete to clean the floors the best with the best being rewarded with a prize and the worst getting an additional chore. Kids who grow up to dump their dirty laundry everywhere in their rooms were not taught to be clean and responsible. Tasks are a must-do duty, but it doesn’t mean it has to be a tedious affair. Children who tend to be physically inactive tend to have a higher risk of getting type two diabetes and heart diseases when they grow older. Gradually instil the proper behavior in your kids and teach them to appreciate doing chores while off school.

Fun Learning

Homework can be tiresome and annoying. However, education can be fun! Misconceptions quote that information is absorbed into the brain while one is silent. Silence is boring especially for the kids. On the contrary, kids tend to retain information while moving, vocalising and imagining things with their friends. Change their ways of learning without necessarily making it all about grades. Try and build or draw something with them could be a science experiment; it helps their creative powers grow. Moreover, outside traditional learning, you can identify your child’s enhanced abilities.

Offload the Stress

During hectic days it’s impossible to set aside time for kids to play. Work out your schedules into a more flexible routine like setting up certain mornings for an active family game race or play chess before going to bed or reading out a storybook to everyone just before dinner. In the process, you end up relieving stress for both you and your child.

Try A New Class

Swimming and soccer may not work out for all kids. None the less there are other sports one can join. Enroll your child in gymnastics or dance class or yoga classes and martial arts until they realize where they can fit in. Kids also need time off routines helping them build enough mental strength in and out of course.

Add Random Activities into The Daily Schedule

Instead of having to go to the grocery shop on weekends for the next ten years, once in a while, you could take a walk with your children to the grocery shop or shopping mall. Try random ice cream joints or restaurants. It helps them appreciate your well-being and helps them take off their minds away from regular monotonous schedules.

Tech-Free Time

Gadgets have become a menace in children’s lives with most being enslaved into their phones and laptops all day every day even in school. Take time and ask your kids to keep their gadgets away for at least an hour or two a day and make that time useful in active duties. You could take up gadget free walks and talks with them it helps you get to know them better and beyond the gadget enslaved child.

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