Why You Should Go To An Emergency Room Over An Urgent Care Center?

Heading to an urgent care center with some conditions will immediately prompt referral to an emergency. The precious minutes lost during the referral and transfer process, can mean the difference between life and death. There is too much at stake to make such a mistake and you should therefore know when to prefer an emergency room to an urgent care center.

Although the two facilities are meant to come to your aid during emergencies, the levels of care provided are different. The emergency room provides more comprehensive care and addresses serious life threatening conditions while urgent care centers are meant for non-life-threatening conditions.

To help you make the right decision when the hour comes, here are 15 reasons why you should go to an emergency room over an urgent care center;

Top Reasons to Prefer Emergency Room for Emergencies

Severe chest pains

Chest pains are indicative of serious underlying problems. A feeling of tightening in the chest or an acute chest pain can be indicative of a heart problem and should prompt you to visit the nearest emergency room. Although urgent care centers are capable of treating chest pains, their diagnosis is not as comprehensive as that of emergency rooms.

Deep cuts

Deep cuts lead to uncontrollable bleeding and this is a life-threatening condition. Head over to an emergency room for urgent medical care and get a tetanus immunization shot.

Stroke symptoms

Stroke symptoms should prompt you to head over to an emergency room. Urgent care centers can only control the symptoms of a stroke and proceed to refer you to a hospital or emergency room. Bypass all that by heading over to an emergency room and get urgent care.

Concussions and trauma

Trauma and concussions from accidents account for very many visits to emergency rooms. Trauma and concussions need to be reported as soon as possible because of potential injuries to the brain and other major internal organs. Urgent care centers can only handle minor accidents and head trauma is a little bit too complex for them.

Difficulties breathing

Just like chest pains, difficulties breathing are indicative of serious problems. They may be indicative of respiratory problems, heart attacks and other serious complications that need immediate addressing.

Asthma attacks

It goes without saying that asthma attacks are capable of ending one’s life. They therefore should be treated with seriousness. The moment one starts experiencing difficulties breathing, the emergency room should be the next stop. Only head to an urgent care center if it is the nearest and your difficulties are becoming too serious.

Extreme Fevers

If you are experiencing unexplained fevers, head over to the nearest emergency room because extreme fevers are a sign of a more serious underlying problem. Fever is your body’s means of communicating that something is wrong. Extreme fevers are a sign that the problem is bigger than you think therefore.


Stomachaches can be as a result of food poisoning, injuries to internal organs, prolonged period pains or even an allergic reaction to a certain food. Stomachaches should be reported to the emergency room as soon as possible because they are indicative of serious illnesses which can be fatal.


Unless the diarrhea is minor, it should be reported to an emergency room as soon as possible. See, diarrhea is a serious and life-threatening condition. Left untreated, diarrhea will lead to rapid dehydration and eventual death.

Back pains

Unexplained back pains should be a major worry and need to be reported as soon as possible. Such pains are most of the time ignored by most people because they think that the pains will subside in a few days. Back pains are a symptom associated with a lot of complications which left untreated can be fatal.

Unexplained headaches and migraines

Severe headaches and migraines can be invasive in life. Although headaches are considered to be pretty harmless, some cases are too extreme and can be indicative of a serious problem. Migraines are a common symptom of meningitis, dehydration and other serious illness. These are conditions that can only be addressed properly in an emergency room.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Upon discovery, report any case of a sexually transmitted infection to the nearest emergency room. STIs are life-threatening and need to be addressed in the shortest time possible.

Bone fractures and dislocations

Any limb-threatening medical condition should be reported to an emergency room and not an urgent care center. Emergency rooms have the equipment and expertise to address these injuries and fractures which lack in urgent care centers.


Any serious burn or scalding should be reported to an emergency room. Life threatening burns cannot be competently handled in urgent care centers and you should prioritize an emergency room therefore.

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