How to Find an Urgent Care with Late Hours?

Medical emergencies may strike at any time – even during the oddest of hours. So, what happens if your physician is not available? Your health and well being cannot wait – besides, you have several options. One of your best bets would be an urgent care clinic.

What is an Urgent Care Clinic?

An urgent care clinic is like an upgraded version of a walk-in clinic. These clinics are characterized by the fact that they are usually open at all hours – they are also better equipped compared to the latter, and they are staffed with specialized physicians and nurses. As their title suggests, they are designed to respond to urgent medical emergencies.

Finding the Ideal Urgent Care Clinic

There are thousands of urgent care clinics across the country, and finding one is quite easy.Here are few tips on how to find urgent care with late hours:

  1. Consult your physician

Your first action should be to consult your physician to get directions to the best critical care clinic near you. Since your physician has a better perspective of the industry, the chances are that he/she may know several urgent care clinics in your area. In fact, he/she may have a good network of other physicians working in critical care clinics.

If your physician has contacts to urgent care clinics, then he/she will connect you with them and even liaise with the physicians by providing vital information such as your medical history.

  1. Search online

If you are in a position to operate your phone, then you can easily find directions to an urgent care clinic near you online – the internet has an answer to almost everything.Most hospitals and clinics that offer critical care services advertise their services online so that you will be in luck.

To get the best leads, merely type “urgent care clinics near me” and press the search button. Google will find the best results matching your query and list all urgent care clinics near your location as long as your GPS is on. Google will also go further to give you directions to each of these clinics and even provide estimates regarding distance and time. It will save you precious time, which is crucial considering that you are faced with a medical emergency.

It may sound all too cumbersome, but searching for an urgent care clinic online is fast and easy – it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes.

  1. Ask for help

If your current medical condition has incapacitated you, then you will be better off with some help from friends, family, neighbors, or even strangers. Signal to the person nearest you for help and try your best to explain that you need urgent medical care. Your good Samaritan will then handle everything else and rush you to the nearest critical care clinic or call for help while watching over you or performing first aid care.

  1. Call 9-1-1

Most people automatically dial 9-1-1 when faced with a medical emergency. If all the above options are out, then this should be your first action too.

Usually, 9-1-1 responds to critical conditions, but they are obliged to respond to all medical emergency cases. Additionally, 9-1-1 paramedics typically operate with ER centers, but moderate cases are often referred to urgent care clinics. As such, don’t be shy to call 9-1-1, explain your situation over the phone, and if possible suggest that you prefer being checked into an urgent care clinic instead of the ER – however, the paramedics will have the final say in this matter depending on their evaluation of your situation.

  1. Visit your local hospital

The last option should be to visit your local hospital – that is if it runs round-the-clock. Of course, this will depend on whether you are in a position to drive or walk to the hospital. If the hospital runs round-the-clock, then it is likely that it has an urgent care wing where you will be checked in and treated. However, the goal is to get your needs met, so don’t give too much thought to the facility rather than the services you will receive.

The Ideal Urgent Care Clinic in Dallas and Richmond

If you live in or around Dallas or Richmond, then you don’t have to look too far to get top-quality urgent medical care. Frontline ER is one of the most reputable hospitals in the areas, and their doors are always open for patients requiring critical medical attention.

Dallas Frontline ER Clinic is convenient for all your needs as it has a wide range of specialized physicians capable of handling virtually any condition that you may be suffering. Their payments plans are also flexible and affordable, and they accept most insurance covers.

To get urgent medical help, just visit the Frontline ER website and ask for directions from one of the friendly customer care agents who are always glad to help.


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