Emergency Urgent Care: When to Go to an ER: Accident

Emergency Urgent Care: When to Go to an ER: Accident

We have all planned a road trip at one time or the other, either with family or friends, and it is one of the most fun activities to do together, and not only is it fun, it also helps bring people together, creating lovely and lasting memories. Whether you are on a road trip, or are driving to work or going back home, there is nothing that puts a dampener on things than a motor vehicle accident. An accident can happen at any time and to anyone, with motor vehicle accidents being among the most common reasons why folks visit emergency rooms all over America. In fact, the numbers as per the gurus over at frontlineer.com indicate that over 4 million visits to emergency rooms every year in the US can be directly attributed to car accidents. This is a surprisingly high number considering all those campaigns on safe driving as well as the fact that cars now are a lot safer than they’ve ever been, with safety and safety features being front and center of new models. If you suffer an accident, the shock that comes with it may make it difficult to decide what to do next to ensure your safety, including whether or not to go to an ER. This article will look to help with that by highlight some of the instances when you should go to an ER after an accident.

One of the things to keep an eye on after an accident is neck pain, or any other sign that suggests that you may have suffered an injury to the spine such as tingling sensation, numbness or even paralysis of any kind. It is very common for one to suffer a whiplash injury during an accident, which is the most common cause of neck pain and spinal injuries. Therefore, if you are experiencing neck pain or a stiff neck, among other symptoms that indicate that you may have suffered a spinal injury, then you should head over to an ER as soon as possible for emergency urgent care, with the excellent frontlineer.com being among the best places to head to for the same. The nature of the accident also dictates if you need to go to an ER or not. Injuries from accidents that have very little damage to the car and where there is very little contact and no airbag deployment can probably be handled at an urgent care facility. When involved in more serious accidents, then you should go to an ER to be checked out even if you don’t seem to be badly injured, as such accidents may cause internal injuries which may not manifest themselves immediately but may be serious if not attended to soon.

You should also look out for signs of broken bones or fractures after an accident. Open or compound fractures should be handled at an ER. As far as these fractures are concerned, the broken bone pierces the skin exposing underlying tissue and come with an increased risk of infection of the bone and underlying tissue that is why they should be handled at an ER such as the highly rated frontlineer.com. They also come with lots of pain and as such you will need to go to an ER for pain management. You should also keep an eye out for chest pain, which may indicate that you may have fractured a rib or two or you may also have fractured the sternum. Rib and sternum fractures should always be taken seriously and one should also head over to an ER as soon as they can. This is because of the risk that the broken rib may puncture and damage the underlying organs, including the lungs, which they enclose and protect. If you suspect that you have fractured the skull, hips, upper leg or pelvis, then you should also go to an ER as these sorts of fractures can only be handled at an ER.

Keep an eye out too for head injuries, another very common injury as far as accidents are concerned. Folks may bump their head during the accident and may suffer a head injury, leading to a traumatic brain injury like a concussion. Whiplash injuries can also result in one suffering from a concussion. If you suspect that you may have suffered a concussion, with common symptoms of the same being a severe headache, changes in vision such as blurred or double vision, nausea and vomiting among others as discussed in detail over at frontlineer.com, then you should also go to an ER as soon as you can for emergency urgent care. Open wounds are also common injuries as far as car accidents are concerned. If you suffer a deep cut, exposing underlying tissues, or if you suffer a cut to a sensitive part of the body such as the eyes, joints, genitals, face and head among others, then you should go to an ER to be attended to. You should also keep an eye on any bleeding. If you are experiencing severe bleeding that can’t be stemmed or if blood is coming out in squirts, then you should also go to an ER for emergency urgent care.

There is lots more to learn about accidents and other related topics, and you can do so, as well as access the best emergency urgent care services in such a situation, by checking out the highly rated frontlineer.com


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