Emergency Room: Go for Digital X-Ray 

Emergency Room: Go for Digital X-Ray 

The ER deals with a wide variety of emergency medical conditions, with a majority requiring better internal assessment. This is possible through the use of x-rays, which is able to show the state of the patient’s body. X-rays can be used for the examination of various conditions, from fractures to pain in the abdomen, head, and the chest.

Timely imaging results are crucial to the services provided at Frontline ER. We have an on-site imaging facility for digital imaging to provide emergency physicians with accurate and precise images within a few minutes. The ability to produce fast images is vital for quick diagnoses and treatment of your condition, and that of your loved one.

What is a Digital X-ray?

The use of x-rays in modern medicine has been around for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, the predecessors were unaware of the dangers associated with radiation. However, after several years of intensive research, experiments and studies, technology has been improved to minimize the risk of exposure to radiation.

Traditional x-rays operated through a method known as projection radiography. In this method, the body part of interest was exposed to radiation by putting it in the path of the beam, and the remnant beam was captured on a photographic film. The image was then available after the development of the film.

Digital x-rays when in comparison to traditional x-rays can be likened to film versus digital cameras. While the analog x-rays take time to develop an image, digital x-rays can develop an image almost instantly. Since they save on time, digital x-rays are now used internationally to provide quality treatment for patients.

Why Do We Use Digital X-rays at Frontline ER?

To Provide High-Quality Medical Care

The modern patient has better knowledge and is more aware of the risks of medical procedures. This means that your perception of our quality of medical care is important to us. It is widely known that the exposure to X-rays is radiation increases the risk of developing cancer. However, with digital x-rays, radiation exposure has been successfully minimized up to 75%. This means that with digital x-rays, our quality of care of Frontline ER has been greatly improved.

To Enhance Images

A digital x-ray system allows your physician at Frontline ER to control the exposure of each image in real time, which makes the image either darker or lighter on demand. The systems also allow us to enlarge images, make color enhancements and superimpose textures.

Each of these features improves our ability to detect diseases and also describe the current state. Because immediate visuals can be produced, we can also educate our patients, provide a quick diagnosis and a treatment plan that is easily accepted.

To Enhance Image Quality

Clarity and detail are crucial for an accurate diagnosis. Images from digital x-rays are superior to traditional x-rays. Tiny abnormalities such as small bleeds or clots are easily detected and treated appropriately. The digital x-ray systems are operated by radiology experts to ensure the images produced are precise and clear.

To Save On Office Space

Like many other digital systems, digital x-rays help Frontline ER save on storage space, and prevent cluttering in the emergency room. With a digital system, we have successfully eliminated the need to file organize and store paper charts in the office. We can access all our digital images from a database within the computer network. We can also scan and store all your previous images to avoid using hardcopy radiography images.

To Save On Time and Improve Productivity

The processing of an image has now been reduced to seconds. We can instantly store and view images on the computer. This means that once you have an X-ray taken at Frontline ER, you are assured of a quick diagnosis.  If your insurance company or another specialist would like copies of the x-ray images, it can be swiftly sent, without the need for making copies, or mailing.

Safety of All Your Images

A hard copy is easy to lose or even destroyed by water or heat. With digital imaging, all your images can be safely stored. For easy retrieval, all the x-rays are stored in folders that are accessed from computers within the network. Once the image is saved, you will not be subjected to unnecessary x-rays in the future.

Where Can I go for a Digital X-ray?

If you are experiencing any pains or feeling unwell, visit Frontline ER today. After examination, the physician on site will determine if you need an x-ray. You will be informed of any requirements or procedures prior to your x-ray. Our equipment is handled by radiology experts who will ensure minimal exposure to the rays. The procedure will be conducted as quickly as possible to save on time. Thanks to our 24/7 availability, you are assured of safe, effective and quick treatment using digital x-rays at Frontline ER.


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