Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms and Conditions We Treat at

Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms and Conditions We Treat at

Congestive heart failure, also known as heart failure, is actually quite common with over 6 million people in the U.S alone being affected by it. It is actually the leading cause of hospitalization when it comes to folks over the age of 65. Congestive heart failure doesn’t mean that that heart has stopped working but rather, it means that the heart is working less efficiently than it normally should. This means that since it isn’t pumping blood like it should, its pumping action is inadequate to meet the needs of the body. Heart failure can be as a results of a number of different reasons and conditions such as coronary artery disease which leads to the narrowing of the arteries in the heart, high blood pressure among others which may eventually leave impair your heart’s functionality in terms of ability to pump blood. The consequences of heart failure can be far reaching. As far as the heart is concerned, in order to try and meet the body’s requirements of nutrients and oxygen, the heart and its chambers may stretch or thicken to hold and pump more blood which may lead them becoming weaker in the long run. A knock on effect of this is that your kidneys will respond by retaining fluid in the body leading to buildup of fluid in the arms, legs, ankles, lungs, feet or other organs. This leads to the body becoming congested, hence the term congestive heart failure. This article will look to highlight the symptoms and conditions as far as congestive heart failure is concerned, that we over at do treat.

One of the symptoms as far as congestive heart failure goes that we do treat is shortness of breath. This is the most common symptom of left heart failure. Left heart failure occurs when the left ventricle of the heart is unable to pump blood to the body. This leads to the backing up of fluid which then leaks into the lungs leading to shortness of breath. If you are experiencing shortness of breath either when at rest, with activity or exertion, while lying flat a condition referred to as orthopnea or if one is experiencing shortness of breath when they are awakened from sleep, then they should give us a visit for assessment and treatment for congestive heart failure. It is always advisable not to take any chances when it comes to shortness of breath and as such giving us a visit for assessment for the same is the prudent thing to do here.

Another symptom that we do treat as far as congestive heart failure is concerned is chest pain, also known as angina in medical circles. People who develop congestive heart failure with coronary heart disease as the underlying cause of it are the ones who are likely to experience chest pain as a symptom. If you are presenting with this symptom, then give us a visit so that we can assess and start you on the necessary course of treatment. Another symptom associated with congestive heart failure that we treat is a persistent and unexplained cough. Here, if you are experiencing wheezing as well as blood in your phlegm to go with the unexplained cough, you should give us a visit as this is the sort of thing we do treat as far as congestive heart failure is concerned. Another symptom that we treat is swelling in the legs, ankles, abdomen or hand. Congestive heart failure leads to the leaking of fluid which then moves to the feet and ankles due to gravity causing swelling of the same. The swelling may get worse all through the day or when you engage in exercise. If you are experiencing such symptoms, you should give us a visit so that you can be assessed and treated as soon as possible.

Fatigue and weakness are yet another symptom of congestive heart failure, which mostly has to do with the fact that the heart is unable to meet your needs in terms of pumping functionality. However, if the fatigue is extreme and leads to severe body weakness and even loss of consciousness, you should ensure that you give us a visit as soon as you can as this is a very serious situation and is exactly the sort of thing that we do treat as far as congestive heart failure is concerned. Another symptom that we do treat as far as this condition is concerned is if you develop a rapid or irregular heartbeat which may be accompanied by other previously mentioned symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath. Under such circumstances, you should also give us a visit for assessment and treatment as soon as you can.

The above are some of the symptoms and conditions we do treat as far as congestive heart failure goes, with more on this and other medical conditions that we also treat to be found over at


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