25 reasons to visit an ER for car accidents

25 reasons to visit an ER for car accidents 

Car accidents can carry crucial injuries that may sometimes go unnoticed or ignored for the usual superficial wounds. This is a core mistake since injuries sustained in car accidents have been identified to manifest later on bringing with them plenty of complications that would otherwise have been avoided. Reports by frontlineer.com have explained that majority of car accidents leave individuals with injuries, some that are internal, which need to be checked at an ER to ascertain their extent for effective treatment. 

Check for broken bones

At an ER you are sure to get checked for broken bones and the extent of damage that the impact of the car accident caused.  

Treat superficial wounds 

With car accidents, superficial wounds are often a reality and these can be treated effectively at an ER. 

Check for internal wounds

Internal wounds are often ignored or overlooked since they are not visible and getting this checked and treated is the only way to void problems in the future.  

Check for internal bleeding 

Car accidents can sometimes cause a patient to have internal bleeding owing to raptured and injured organs and this can only be addressed at an emergency room. 

Check for head injuries 

Head injuries are the worst to have in a car accident which is why they have to be checked promptly by experienced eyes that can advise on the way forward. 

Have neck and back injuries looked at 

According to frontlineer.com, neck and back injuries often go unnoticed due to adrenaline which is why a visit to the ER is important to have the same evaluated. 

Get an emergency room report 

A reason to visit the ER after a car accident is the reality of getting an emergency report which comes in handy in case of any injury claims to be made.  

Get expert medical opinion 

At an ER, you will get highly trained medical professionals to look at all your injuries and provide a qualified opinion that will inform a plan for treatment and medication. 

Get scans done 

From CT scans to X-rays, a visit to an ER will ensure all scans are done to ensure all treatment plans are done with the right diagnosis in mind. 

Evaluate life threatening conditions 

Depending on the severity of the injuries sustained, life threatening conditions may be evident and these can only be captured through a visit to an ER.  

Check for cuts and contusions 

A visit to an emergency room will reveal cuts and contusions that need to be treated and stitched to ensure complete healing. 

Check for respiratory difficulties 

With car accidents, the respiratory tract may be affected in one way or the other and only a visit to the ER will reveal any breathing complications that may have been acquired.  

Comprehensive checkups 

Experts including frontlineer.com stress on an ER visit after a car accident since you get to have comprehensive checkups done after the adrenaline has died down.   

Check for organ functionality 

Some car accidents cause organ failure and affect performance and only an ER visit will determine whether organ functionality is at the required threshold. 

Presence of accompanying conditions

A major reason to visit the ER for car accidents is when there is presence of accompanying conditions that may include, but not limited to; nausea, confusion and extreme pain.  

Get legal documentation 

In the event that you need to take legal action, documentation is often done at the ER to ensure that you have the necessary tools.  

Find hidden injuries

Only an ER visit will reveal whether there are hidden in juries that you may not be aware of in the initial diagnosis. 

Get your medical history 

An ER visit is crucial as it ensures all documentation is done for future references and for an effective medical history once future treatments are being considered.  

Check for concussion  

As noted by frontlineer.com, people involved in car accidents often suffer concussions which can be checked and appropriately treated at an ER. 

Immediate attention 

The goal of an ER is to provide emergency care which is what is needed after a car accident since the damage and injury is often not known immediately. 

Get lab work done 

When you visit an emergency room, you get your lab work done to ascertain the best course of action and how the same will impact long term health of the body. 

Close observation 

The beauty of an ER is that you get close observation which is crucial for accident patients especially with the injuries and trauma. 

Inhibited mobility 

Any case of inhibited mobility after a car accident is what should push you to visit an ER to identify the cause and the treatment plan for the same. 

Significant pain and discomfort

It is always better to be safe than sorry and this is why frontlineer.com and other expert doctors advise a visit to an ER when you have significant pain and discomfort after a car accident.

Worsening vitals 

Worsening vitals often point to the organs shutting down or failing at their function and this reason enough to visit an ER to have the body system examined. 


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