25 reasons to visit an ER for broken bones

25 reasons to visit an ER for broken bones

Broken bones are evidence of a series trauma that has impacted the body. This in itself should be a major reason to visit an ER to have the bones checked and a course of treatment initiated to ensure the bones heal effectively. The upside to visiting an ER, according to frontlineer.com, is that you get to have full recovery since diagnosis and medication will be handled by professionals. 

Diagnose the extent of injury 

This is the core reason to visit an ER for broken bones. Assessment of the fracture has to be done to identify the best course of action.  

Check for osteogenesis imperfecta

It is only through a visit to an ER that you will have your bones checked for osteogenesis imperfect which is commonly referred to as Brittle Bone Disease.  

Test for bone cancer

A little known cause of broken bones is bone cancer and only a visit to an emergency room will reveal whether it actually exists. 

Check skeletal structure

With bones, a specific structure is normally evident and this means that the skeletal structure has to be examined before a treatment remedy is adopted and this is where an ER visit becomes crucial. 

Check the type of fracture 

Whether it is a compound or closed fracture, identifying the type is essential to understanding the treatment needed for the same.  

Extensive bruising 

This, accompanied by loss of feeling, means that there may be more damage than what may be initially imagined which means an ER visit is necessary to understand the nature of the bone injury.  

Limited mobility

As captured by frontlineer.com, limited mobility in the event of broken bones means that there is a significant damage that needs to be addressed and considered. 

Tingling and numbness 

When the evidence of a broken bone is accompanied by tingling and numbness, this is enough reason to visit an emergency room since it means the injury is extensive and needs emergency care. 

Perform medical imaging 

Only an ER visit will enable you have medical imaging done including X-rays and CT scans that reveal any underlying injury and the extent of the bone injury experienced.  

Advise on surgical procedures 

An ER doctor is the expert that can advise on surgical procedures to be done after you have suffered a broken bone which is why you have to visit an emergency room. 

Orthopedic consultation 

Most people are unaware of the fact that an ER offers orthopedic consultation which often opens the next course of treatment after a diagnosis is made on a broken bone. 

Have bone alignment done

If a bone has been moved out of alignment, an ER visit will see the same rectified for proper healing. 

Get pain medication

Bone injuries can be quite painful and pain medication is necessary to allow your body some relief as the bone heals.  

Visible deformity 

As reviewed by frontlineer.com, any visible deformity of the bone in the event of an injury that includes a broken bone should see you visit an emergency room to have everything checked out. 

Have splints placed 

When you visit an ER, you can have splints placed to help with healing of the bone which is the effective remedy for a broken bone. 

Heavy bleeding 

When heavy bleeding accompanies a broken bone, that is a red flag that you need emergency care by expert doctors that can arrest the situation before it gets worse. 

Assess the neurovascular system

This is important as it checks for nerve damage and whether the broken bone has affected crucial neural systems. 

Intense pain when touching the area

If you experience chronic pain when touching the area that is suspected to have a broken bone, an ER visit should be your next stop to have it examined.  

Check on blood flow

Most experts and trauma professionals including frontlineer.com have noted that injuries that include a broken bone necessitate a check on the blood flow especially if the broken bone is of the arm since blood flow to the fingers and other major regions may be compromised. 

Get appropriate referrals

With ER doctors, it is easy for you to get appropriate referrals for your case and thereby have quality healthcare for your broken bones. 

Extensive swelling 

The evidence of extensive swelling always translates to trauma within the body tissues which is a sign that there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. 

Check for cartilage and ligament damage

At an emergency room, you get to be checked for cartilage and ligament damage and have avulsion fractures identified to avoid further damage.  

Test for osteoporosis 

With bone injuries, it is often a delicate situation which often requires a test for osteoporosis to check whether you have an acquired disease of the bone.  

Check for comminuted fractures 

A major condition to be aware of with injuries that cause broken bones is the presence of comminuted fractures which simply mean bone fractures that occur in many different places. As reviewed by frontlineer.com, this is dangerous if not captured which is why an ER visit is crucial. 

Get casts

Some broken bones require cats instead of surgeries and it is a visit to the ER that will handle this and any other condition that may have manifested.  


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