10 things you never knew about getting in shape

10 things you never knew about getting in shape 

Much has been mentioned about getting in shape and the benefits of exercising but the real gist behind both has never really been captured. Most people have varied ideas and reasons behind their quest to get in shape and while some may be misinformed, plenty of the reasons are quite valid and go a long way towards ensuring people get to live a healthy and fulfilled life. But what is it about getting in shape that should have you excited? frontlineer.com gives you a closer look at what you never knew.  

Helps you sleep better

This is perhaps the biggest benefit you can reap from your efforts to get in shape. It has been widely documented that regular physical exercises help you sleep better as a consequence. When you exercise, your muscles are full oxygenated which ensures they are healthy and in turn they respond by being vibrant and relaxing at the select thresholds.  

Easily prevent type 2 diabetes 

The idea of getting in shape is one that excites many, but a core benefit that many have no idea of is the fact that it helps you easily prevent type 2 diabetes. Top medical professionals including those at frontlineer.com report that a healthy diet coupled with regular physical fitness activity helps prevent and manage type 2 diabetes which is an ailment that many may suffer without a clear idea of how to remedy or prevent the same. 

Swimming is a great way to exercise 

Fancy some swimming? Well, you should since it stands as one of the best ways to get in shape. Swimming works plenty of your muscles since it incorporates both cardio and strength thereby enabling you to have an extensive fitness regime.  

It is great for the heart 

Nothing speaks great about getting in shape than the benefit you get to enjoy in terms of a healthy heart. Exercising is great for your heart as it strengthens the muscles needed for efficient functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system. This not only manifests as a benefit for your heart but also stands as an upside when you consider the circulatory system and the efficiency with which blood moves through the organs and tissues.  

Optimal fitness requires balanced exercise routine 

This is an aspect of getting in shape that many have not yet mastered especially with the many instructional videos doing the rounds. Fitness experts and medical professionals including frontlineer.com point to the fact that working aerobics, strength and flexibility is what constitutes a complete workout. The benefits are there to see and they include an enhanced health setting with longevity. What aerobics do for you is increase your heart rate heart rate which consequently oxygenates the body and improves brain health by increasing serotonin levels for improved mental clarity and the development of new brain cells, brain power and brain activity. Strength training builds muscle mass in turn burning fat which consequently promotes cognitive function. Flexibility exercises prevent loss of mobility and help you maintain some dexterity as you age which is a positive thing.  

It is crucial for weight loss 

It is quite a statistic that only 10% of people are able to lose weight using diets alone. The National Weight Control Registry found that in excess of 89% of people that use a combination of diet and exercise are successful at effective weight loss and achieve their goals seamlessly.  

Relieves stress 

Getting in shape is an exciting journey that ensures you are well relaxed and your body is well adjusted. As noted by frontlineer.com, getting in shape will give you the opportunity to achieve a relaxation response not to mention the positive distraction that is responsible for elevate your mood and keeping depression at bay. It is worth noting that you are also less irritable when you exercise often  

An older you requires resistance and balance training

It is a known fact that you start losing muscles when you are over the age of 30. This then directs the aspect of you needing resistance training using body weight. You can easily take up press-ups or resistance bands to help with keeping your muscle mass and slowing down the loss of the same. Balance training also aids you build your capacity and dexterity. 

An hour of exercise is quite a step

A telling statistic reveals the fact that being physically active for seven hours a week makes you less likely to die early than people who have a lesser period of activity. This tells you that the more you exercise, the more you place yourself in a good place in terms of physical and overall health.  

Regular weight training increases calories burned

A curious study done by physical health scientists and renowned medical professionals including frontlineer.com found that women who incorporated strength training at least 3 times a week were likely to maintain the current weight while for men, it was possible to burn more calories during normal activities after weight training. 


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