10 Injuries that Require Emergency Care

10 Injuries that Require Emergency Care

Even minor injuries can cause a lot of pain and disrupt your life. It is especially so if they occur on a sensitive part of your body. You can treat an injury with or without the help of a medical expert. However, some injuries will require you get emergency care at a place such as FrontLine ER. Getting immediate treatment is vital to help avoid the loss of function. If you have any of the following injuries, you should visit Frontline ER immediately. 


Since they can lead to life-threatening swelling and bleeding, head injuries demand that you get to the ER as soon as possible. It is especially so when someone exhibits specific symptoms. For instance, if they start vomiting, seizures, worsening headaches, slurred speech, confusion, trouble walking, decreased coordination, numbness, and restlessness.

Hand Injuries

Without immediate medical care at Frontline ER, hand injuries can lead to disability. It is essential to get immediate help if a hand injury leads to numbness, severe bleeding, and a loss of strength. You should also seek help if the hand injury causes amputation, deformity, infection, excruciating pain, and exposure of tendons, bones or other underlying structures. 

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can lead to blindness in one or both eyes. People should seek medical attention immediately. It is imperative to go for medical care if you experience bright, dark, or cloudiness in your vision. These could signs that the retina has detached or it led to some other severe issues. It could also be a sign that there has been a tear in the cornea. Without immediate care, the loss could become permanent.

Severe Burns

Although they are painful, minor burns do not require any professional care. However, since they often cause permanent tissue damage, severe burns need immediate attention. You should seek medical attention if the wound occurs in the genitals, eyes, main joints, feet, hands, or ears. All of these are vital organs, which can severely affect your ability to walk.


Any severe cuts or puncture would cause severe bleeding and even nerve damage. Medical attention is needed to help stop the bleeding and restore appearance. The medical expert can also help to preserve function. If a cut introduces foreign material into your body, ensure that you seek medical attention immediately. Puncture wounds can seem tiny, but you should go for treatment soonest because they can pierce an internal organ and lead to slow bleeding that can be fatal if not remedied.

Twisted Ankles

If you twist an ankle, it is vital to seek immediate care. In some cases, the ankle bends to the point that the tendons detach from the bone. It is important to find treatment at Frontline ER to help you restore function to the ankle. Besides that, it can help to avoid losing functioning capacity in that ankle. It can also keep you from performing your regular tasks longer than you should.


Fractures are any broken bones you might suffer. Such an injury needs immediate care. Do not try to fix it yourself at home. If you do not get the right care, it might heal in the wrong position and lead to impaired function for the rest of your life. Ensure that you immobilize the affected area. If possible, avoid any manipulation until you get to FrontLine ER. The broken bone could easily tear a vital blood vessel, making your situation worse.

Chemical Burns

If you work in an office where they often use sulfuric acid, it might accidentally pour on you, leading to corrosion of the skin. The first step would be to flush the affected area with as much water as possible. After, ensure that you get to the ER. It might help you avoid suffering any nerve damage that could lead to loss of function. Besides that, the ER can help to preserve your appearance.

Groin Injury

Groin Injury is especially prominent in men. If you get hit in the groin, and it leads to significant pain and swelling, it is essential to visit the ER. If not treated, it might lead to loss of function and even cause infertility. The medical experts at the ER can help to avoid any further damage to the area.

In some cases, they might have to operate to prevent the total loss of function. Besides that, visiting the ER will help to avoid the risk of suffering any permanent damage. When you are playing sports, always have the right protective gear to keep you safe.

Dislocated Joints

The most common dislocation that occurs is the shoulder joint dislocation. This dislocation usually causes you to lose function and is a cause for visiting the ER. Trying to fix the damage yourself is not advisable. You might end up injuring a nerve and remain incapacitated. Besides that, you might not do it in the right way, which can lead to lifelong issues.


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