10 amazing medical advances since 2008

10 amazing medical advances since 2008

Medical advances have meant that treatment of ailments and the management of chronic diseases has been made easier. Some terminal diseases can now be effectively managed and some fatal conditions can now be fully addressed which was not the case a decade ago. What frontlineer.com captures is that since 2008, these amazing medical advances have meant that the world of medicine is more advanced and that the success rates in dealing with varied conditions are quite high. 

3D printed body parts 

This can be effectively categorized as one of the most outstanding and industry changing technology ever developed. Cornell university has had its scientists successfully print an outer ear that resembled and worked fully as the real thing. Blood vessels have been reproduced by scientists from Pennsylvania University and Wake Forest University has been instrumental in printing blood cells and placing them on wounds for rapid healing.  

Gut Bacteria treatments 

The blend of bacteria and microbes in our gut affects the way the body functions and how the brain is able to interpret any emerging issues in our body systems as captured by frontlineer.com. Gut bacteria treatments stand as one of the amazing discoveries of the decade. Microbiome therapy has been utilized in treating inflammatory bowel diseases, diarrhea and gut infections just to mention a few. Possible applications also include the treatment of metabolic disorders, autoimmune ailments and infections of the alimentary canal. 

Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy 

It is a complicated procedure that is commonly coined the Three Parent Technique. MRT prevents the risk of Fatal Leigh Syndrome as it enables the bypassing of devastating genetic diseases that stem from abnormalities in DNA in mitochondria. Since babies inherit mitochondria from their mothers, replacing abnormal mitochondria in an embryo with normal ones is what contributes to the birth of healthy babies. In this procedure, the baby will have DNA from 3 parents.  

Cancer therapies 

As opposed to only focusing on chemotherapy and surgeries to treat cancers, cancer fingerprinting and immunotherapy have been developed to aid in managing and treating cancer. Cancer fingerprinting to identify how specific cancer cases react to treatments is a crucial input to modern medicine. Newer cancer therapies developed since 2008 involve the analyzing of mutated genes to understand sensitivity of the cancers to treatments. Immunotherapy is also crucial in boosting the immune system against cancer related issues instead of opting to treat the cancerous cells.

Treatment of Opioid dependence

Probuphine which is an implant that treats patients with opioid dependence is already in the market. As identified by frontlineer.com, it works by automatically releasing low doses of buprenorphine to an opioid dependent patient. This treatment of Opioid dependence supports the recovery process for patients and eliminates the need for multiple buprenorphine tablets that some patients may forget to take.  

Seizures stoppers 

50 million people suffer from seizures across the world. Epilepsy being a brain condition, seizure stoppers have been developed to control against the seizures and thereby allow individuals to live fulfilled lives. NeuroPace developed an RNS system which is basically a neuromodulation system that monitors brain waves and instantly detects any unusual activity. Once any unusual activity is detected, the neuromodulator releases electrical pulses that prevent a seizure. This can be considered as one of the major medical advances since they mean affected individuals get to control the condition and lead productive lives. What’s more? Next Gen RNS system is in the works. 

Psoriasis treatment 

Psoriasis patients are diagnosed as having an inflammatory autoimmune condition that results in the overpopulation of skin cells that eventually manifest as inflamed lesions that are red in color and physically painful. An amazing medical advancement in the form of Guselkumab has ensured that it is possible to deal with Psoriasis using an injectable treatment remedy. It selectively blocks Interleukin which is the protein that is associated with Psoriasis. This treatment eliminates the symptoms of the disease in 85.1% of patients as reviewed by frontlineer.com.   

Hepatitis C cure 

A potentially fatal disease, Hepatitis C has been reported to cause up to 12,000 deaths. A daunting report details that 30% of patients can’t be cured while those that are lucky to be cured often have to undergo an intensive anti-viral treatment regimen lasting in excess of 12 months with the possibility of significant side effects. A new treatment with a 95% cure rate and a 12-week plan has been discovered in the last decade. Sofosbuvir blocks the action of specific proteins and or enzymes thereby effectively dealing with Hepatitis C. 

Gene therapy 

Modification of DNA to treat diseases is a medical advancement that has revolutionized the medical field. Treatment of blood cancers like Leukemia has become streamlined and gene therapy has also come in with the capacity to reverse cancers like breast cancer. Further advancements are being sought in the need to avoid the need for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Gene therapy has been successfully used to treat a teenage boy suffering from sickle cell disease and in the same wavelength, restore sight to a patient with retinal disease.  

Bionic eye 

One of the greatest advancements of all-time, the bionic eye stands as an artificial eye that utilizes a camera set into the glasses of a user to provide vision. A report by frontlineer.com notes that the camera transmits electronic messages to a retinal implant which can then transmit the image pulses. Although it is yet to be a remedy that restores full vision, patients have been able to see color and attain a level of vision which is a significant advancement. 


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