Asthma attacks are a reversible inflammation and narrowing of the airways. The narrowing is caused by smooth muscles around the airways that constrict and make it hard for the patient to breathe. When air flows through the constricted section of the airway, a high pitch wheezing sound is produced. An asthma attack can be triggered […]


Diverticulitis is due to small pouches in the large colon which lop an infection. It is a common cause of lower abdominal pain that present to emergency rooms such as FRONTLINE ER. It is caused by bacteria in our stool which gets caught in these pouches. Helpful ways to avoid this is a high fiber […]

Allergic Reactions

Allergic Reactions occur when the body reacts to something causing it to produce substances to attack the exposure. What can cause this type of reaction to occur? It can happen with foods, medications, and insect bites or bee stings. Symptoms of Allergic Reactions You could experience any of the following symptoms such as itchy red rash, […]

Hydration and Drinking Water

Hydration and Drinking Water play countless roles in keeping your body alive and healthy. Water allows your body to perfuse your organs with nutrients and oxygen while carrying away metabolic waste to be disposed of. The World Health organization estimates world wide about 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. In the […]

Diabetes and Emergency Medicine

In the emergency room such as FRONTLINE ER, when patients say they are getting abnormally high readings of blood glucose in the absence of increase food intake and change in medication, the next questions are: is there an infection somewhere that is decreasing the patient’s glucose tolerance? Are they producing ketones because their bodies cannot push […]

How bad is Influenza or “the flu”?

Depending on the year, the number of deaths from Influenza or “the flu” can range from approximately 3000 in 1986-1987 to as high as 49,000 in 2003 and 2004 in the United States according to the CDC. To put these number into perspective, about 14,000 people die of AIDS in 2013, and about 33,000 people die […]