What to Expect at a Freestanding ER

Frontline ER is a freestanding emergency room that gives the same level of emergency care as a hospital-based emergency room, but with little or no wait times.

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Lauren Kelly 00:01
Hey, it’s Lauren Kelly, MIX 96.5, with Dr. Trujillo from Frontline ER with this week’s Medical Minute. Dr. T, what should a patient expect at a freestanding ER?
Dr. Trujillo 00:10
We can expedite the care so rapidly, which is the expectation in this generation, to be seen and treated for their emergency in a rapid manner and not wait four to five hours in the lobby. It becomes much more convenient because we meet the expectation of the patient.
Lauren Kelly 00:28
What is the focus of the doctors at Frontline ER?
Dr. Trujillo 00:31
The emergency physicians that are there are dedicated to the care of the patient. That is our highest priority. That’s the most important thing they do, day in and day out. And because of that, our whole focus is on the patient and nothing else.
Lauren Kelly 00:49
Online at frontlineer.com. Let’s tell them where you guys are located in Richmond.
Dr. Trujillo 00:54
7051, 1464, right off the Westpark Tollway.
Lauren Kelly 01:00
Thank you so much, and see you next week for the Frontline ER Medical Minute.

Emergency care when you need it. NOW.

Know Where To Go

The confidence that you’re going to the right place for any emergency. We’re like a hospital emergency room, but in your neighborhood and without the wait. With a specialized pediatric unit on site, we can provide care for all members of your family.

Always in Network

At Frontline ER, we accept all major private insurance plans. We honor in-network billing rates, even if we are not in your provider’s network.

Always Open

For emergencies day or night, our 24/7 emergency room is ready for you and your family with emergency board-certified doctors and nurses to provide the highest standards of medical care.

Always Here For You

Frontline ER is a freestanding emergency room that gives the same level of emergency care as a hospital-based emergency room, but with little or no wait times.

Patient Services

Capabilities comparable to a hospital-based ER

Ready to treat emergencies in

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Infants

Fully equipped lab

  • Imaging department
  • Digital X-ray
  • Ultrasound

We can keep patients overnight for up to 23 hours, and if needed, transfer them to their hospital of choice with no waiting because we bypass the hospital ER.

Frontline ER strives to provide the best healthcare experience. The patient services we provide give you the most valuable treatment and peace of mind, by emergency board-certified doctors and nurses. Our patients get treated like family by our friendly and caring staff. Our doctors call to follow up with each and every patient to assess their progress after treatment.

Billing & Insurance

Frontline ER accepts all major private insurance plans and honors all in-network deductibles and benefits. We’ll also contact your insurance company to inform them that we are honoring in-network benefit. We also accept patients who do not have insurance, or prefer to self-pay. As part of our patient care process, our billing specialists help you understand your options, and provide information to help you compare prices.

Patient at front desk with Lorena
Experienced Staff

Experienced Staff

Frontline ER is a freestanding emergency room, just like a hospital emergency room. Our doctors are board certified in emergency medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. This is different than even many hospital ERs that may not have all doctors certified to this level. Our doctors and nurses are trained in all aspects of emergency care from pediatrics, adults, & geriatrics, and maintain privileges at local hospitals. They have treated the most complex life threatening cases, down to minor illnesses.

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