Facebook Reviews for Frontline ER Richmond

Facebook Reviews for Frontline ER Richmond

Maleak Jackson 

I most definitely will recommend Frontline ER Richmond, because they are super fast! They are very attentive to your needs!! They will take good care of you!!

Harsha Patel

Very very caring service.
Doctors are very nice knows how to handle patients. I went twice in Richmond location & I’m very happy with all there staff. ????????????????❣️

Devonda Bell

I would most definitely recommend. 2nd time visiting and the nurses and doctors are extremely friendly. They kept me up to date on issues and treated me quick. Would recommend. Also never crowded.

They are Fantastic. Dr.Tran, Jerin, Kate, and Phong were the team that helped me and my son today. They are beyond amazing. Very compassionate and thorough. Had great patience with my 3 year old. Made me and my son comfortable and at ease with the situation. Offered snacks, drinks, stickers, tv, toys made the visit a lot easier with a toddler. Very clean and organized facility. All staff was very respectful and professional. Dr.Tran is the best. I honestly wish He could be my sons PCP. Very helpful and very explanatory which I loved. I will definitely be recommending everyone and I will be going back myself for any urgent care my son requires.

My first time here at Front Line ER

What a GREAT experience!!
They took EXCELLENT care of my mother, Kate was very helpful and the Nurse Phuong, very caring and nice.
Dr. Shawn was very informative about what was going on with my mom, and very pleasant.

Also Thank you Jerin for being so nice to my mom.

I would definitely return for any other urgent care that I might need and recommend to my family and friends to come here.

Thank you again for everything!

Angela F. Bennett-Cousar
phuong with Dr. Q
She was very helpful, polite and caring.

The staff was very friendly and professional! They really took care of me!

The attention they gave me was very friendly and professional, they resolved all my concerns and helped me a lot to feel better, thank you all for being so special Miss Solaf, Nurse Micah, Doctor Trujillo, Radiology tech Diem. Very grateful to all of you, you are the best!
My children send greetings!
Good bless you!

My nurse PHUONG is so wonderful and the sweetest! She went above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of. Dr Tran is the best! Not mentioning rad tech Christian and receptionist Jennifer are nice. I highly recommend Frontline ER.

I went in today with chest discomfort and extremely worried. Dr. Tran and a very professional staff quickly got me to the back and assessed. He also let me know that financial situations are secondary to helping his patients!! Without getting into my medical treatment I will say that after the tests were completed Dr. Tran explained the results and gave me his opinion on what was happening and his recommendation. I have to say it was a very positive experience and those guys definitely put me at ease but what was equally impressive how the very nice lady at the front desk, Solof, handled my billing situation. Thank you Dr. Tran, Phoung, John, Solof and Christian…you guys/gals are very professional and AWESOME!!!

The staff was amazing and extremely attentive. They wasted no time getting me what I needed to feel better. Dr. Tran and Nurse Phoung we’re knowledgeable and kind. I would recommend this place to anyone needing immediate assistance.

Amazing staff super friendly and professional. Kate in the reception area is very attentive my nurse Tristan made sure I was taken care of and my Doctor Tran was extremely helpful with everything.

As soon as we stepped inside Frontline ER, we were greeted and attended to immediately by Kate at the desk. After few minutes, Tristan, RN called me in to the exam room, very pleasant and makes you feel at home. Jerin, radiology tech was also nice. Dr. Tran took the time to explain to me my condition and his plan of care and treatment. I give them 5 star rating for excellent service.

It was my first experience at the facility and i thought everyone did an amazing job from the front desk, Kate, to the back with our nurse Tristan & rad tech Jerin and Dr. Tran. I highly recommend this ER.

Had to go in this morning for a bad back and thankfully Jennifer at the front desk didn’t mind walking back and forth so I wouldn’t have to move! The nurse Maryam was a doll and made sure I was as comfortable as possible! Also Dr. Tran was extremely helpful and not at all dismissive!

This is the second time I have gone to Frontline ER and I have been highly impressed. From registration with Jennifer, to the nurse Arwin, Dr. Trujillo and x-ray tech Can. They were very welcoming and thorough. Would highly recommend.

All the staff and drs are great every time we come in!! My daughter is always given the best care and attention. Dr Q even calls to check up on her the day after.

Jeniffer and phoung were really helpful.
Really good and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.


Our experience with Frontline ER Richmond far exceeded my expectations. My daughter was ill and needed medical attention, normally if this happens on a weekend, we would go to a “regular” Hospital ER, but I have been told Frontline was as good as any ER and they WERE!! in fact we got in as quickly as I finished the paperwork. The Nurses and Doctor were very pleasant, efficient and helpful during our entire BRIEF 2 hour visit. We will definitely use Frontline ER for our emergency medical needs.

Dr. Q and my nurse Phoung were awesome! they explained everything and made me feel extremely comfortable. The day after my visit, Dr. Q called me personally to check on me. I highly recommend this place!!! The only thing that could have made my visit better was my dog, to make me more comfortable and ease my anxiety.

Have been to this place now 3 times and can say they took us in at a very short wait time. The staff and Doctors are very professional and caring. Truely a 5 star ER

awesome nurses and doctor, my second time here..wouldn’t go anywhere else when it comes to an urgent care service! very fast result doctors and nurses are very thorough..very kind and gentle..they make sure you are well treated from the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out!


Jenny E Christensen Earp 

The staff at Frontline ER are great! Solof, John, Dr. Trujillo and Diem were great with my daughter and I highly recommend them!!

‘Auli’i Nathaniel

Greatly appreciated the care provided by Luis, Jennifer, and Dr. T. Saved the day!

Maria Gabriela Briceno

Great service and very nice staff. I would like to thanks Jennifer in the front desk, Jay, Dr. T and Luis.

Ryan Hunsberger

My experience was great because of Christina, John, Dr. Trujillo, and Jerin. Thank you!

Jesselyn Angge Puentespina

We had an excellent experience with Frontline ER at Richmond. Dr. Fitzgerald was very thorough in explaining to us our options and treatment plan for my mom’s condition. She was polite, kind and very understanding. She took her time analyzing my mom’s condition and did not rush drawing up her diagnosis.

Our nurse, Ray Gariell, was more than excellent. He was super nice and efficient. Very kind and respectful. He is the kind that you are not afraid to entrust the care of your patient. He was very compassionate, gentle and caring to my mom. He knows what he needs to do and was efficiently and effectively doing it.

Me, my mom and my family have an excellent experience with Frontline ER at Richmond and we highly recommend it.

Jesse Framo


Jose Francisco Rojas Marin

I really liked this ER place. No waste of time. All the staff is really good. Kate; P Houng and Dr. Trujillo. Facilities are clean and big. Then if you want coffee to get a  hit the Starbucks next-door.

Great customer service my nurse phuomg
Dr T
Tech Jerin
Reg solof


Christopher Randel

The staff here is wonderful very personable and the provide a very inviting atmosphere. Nurse Phuong and the Rad. Tech Diem both seemed to be thoroughly knowledgeable and cared deeply about their client-professional relationship. They made the visit quick and easy.

We took our son in this morning after he dropped a can on his toe and Solaf at the registration desk was very friendly and efficient. The nurse who saw us, John, was gentle and professional and checked on us two times while we waited on Dr. Trujillo and on X-Ray Tech Jerin. Dr Trujillo clearly explained what our next steps needed to be and Jerin even came in early for his shift to take care of us. The customer service, respect, and promptness of care we received from the staff at this location was excellent.

I couldn’t have experienced a better ER trip. To say I felt like I was at home would be vastly doing them an injustice. Dr. Quintinilla took the time out to listen to what I know about my body and that something isn’t right (in a very non-hypochondriac way lol). There was no formal diagnosis but they definitely subsided all of the unexplainable symptoms by monitoring my medication and setting a plan of action if this happens again. I was also educated about some of my previous diagnoses which showed just how much he cared about me as his patient. Darbi (nurse) is AMAZING. I’ve never met someone with such a great and comforting bed side manor- I clicked my button a few times just to have her come back to the room to talk lol The front desk; her name is Leggie i believe, was awesome, attentive and worked quick to get me to the back and in a room as soon as possible. Can’t forget to include the male staff member who was extremely sweet and calm while bringing me to get my CT, he even checked on me a few times that Darbi was so busy and made sure I was taken care of. I am so pleased with the care I received and if it wasn’t for their professionalism and friendliness I don’t think I would be feeling as great. Glad I chose them and now I will never go anywhere else! Oh and no wait! For ANYTHING!

(Sorry if I butchered any name spelling)

Gabriel Avila

Kate, phuong, dr.T and jerin were super fast. hot mr. in and out with literally no wait. 5 stars!

Christina, nurse Phuong, Dr T and Tech Jerin are the greatest! I had an amazing experience.

Absolutely the best experience I’ve ever had . Greeted by Jaelyn very informative .paperwork was no hassle . As soon as I sat down from turning in paperwork I was being called to the back by Nurse Ray any questions I asked he answered with no hesitation Ray was very helpful and concerned ! Doctor Trujillo very helpful ! Best er service ever I would recommend everyone to go by !! Thanks you all !!

Jennifer,Darbi Neal and jay was awesome and very friendly they made me feel very comfortable

The staff at Frontline ER Richmond was absolutely amazing my first encounter was with the registration desk Solof, which she was very nice and professional. Then I met the nurse, Phuong was very nice and offered excellent bedside manners, Dr. Q displayed excellent and thorough medical advice and the RT tech, Christin was great.

On a scale 1 to 10 I give the staff a 10 because everybody work together in unison on an exceptionally professional level.

Kaye Collier

nures phuong is ta best make sure had everything i needed to be comfortable
DR. T is always awesome
and ta Tech Jern made it easy for me to do my xray

Very convenient, close to my house!
Excellent staff!
Prompt care!
Thanks Jaylen, Louis, Keri,
Diem and Dr. Quintarilla!

We have been to Frontline several times this summer. Each and every time, we have been treated so nicely, even under some pretty unique circumstances. Doctors Trujillo, Ali, Quintanilla, Tran, and Fitzgerald along with nurses John, Perla, Jerilynn, Phuong, Jasmine, Jennifer, Jared, and office manager Samantha are all very professional and accommodating, offering the best care to make our visits comfortable and pleasant.



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