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Frontline ER includes the board-certified emergency medicine physiciansFrontline ER is the best emergency care facility in your area.

Frontline ER uses the advanced and latest technology in order to provide excellent medical care. We have board-certified emergency medicine physicians and emergency trained registered nurses.

At Frontline ER, we try to make your visits as comfortable as possible. It is comfortable not only for you but for your families as well. For your convenience on-site lab is available. We offer ultrasounds, digital X-rays, and CT scans. We have earned the top ratings for patient satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at the Frontline ER clinic benefits.


The staff of Frontline ER includes the board-certified emergency medicine physicians. There are emergency-trained nurses. All of the nurses are trained in pediatric advanced life support. They are Certified Emergency Nurses and Pediatric Emergency Nurses. All the staff of Frontline has received special training in trauma care and pediatric. Frontline ER nurses are well-known for nursing excellence.

Frontline ER has a separate department for children care

Pediatric Emergency Care

It is not possible to fit one size for everyone, especially for kids. Children require oxygen masks and other equipment to fit them. Frontline ER has a separate department for children care. They offer children-friendly and specialized care for children of age, including infants as well.

Moreover, children need doctors that are specialized as they must know the correct medication dose. They must know just the right words to bring a smile. Apart from this, the specialized equipment assists in reducing the pain and anxiety related to IV placement.

Quality Emergency Care

The Frontline ER facility is designed to provide medical care for all levels, especially for Level II. Level II Trauma center is capable of providing medical attention to patients with traumatic injury. The door-to-balloon time is lower for Frontline ER. Door-to-balloon time is an opportunity to receive life-saving medical care after a heart attack. The standard is to treat heart attack patients within 90 minutes of arriving at the hospital.

Therefore, Frontline ER has door-to-balloon time below the 90-minute standard. They examine innovations, process, and outcomes critically. You can count on them continually look for new ways to enhance these areas.

Quality Emergency Care with Frontline ER

Other Services

Here is a list of another service that is provided by Frontline ER clinic.

  • If there is a need, you can be transferred to nearby hospitals. We work with partners to offer transport services from ambulance to helicopter transport.
  • You can find small meals and beverages in their vending areas, cafes and coffee shops.
  • We work with are emergency medical experts and first responders to offer outstanding emergency care. The staff of Frontline ER advises the paramedics in the field as they treat patients.
  • For heart attack patients who is coming to Frontline ER, a special alert is activated.
  • We are equipped to care for victims of the large-scale disaster.

Therefore, Frontline ER is an emergency clinic facility that offers the treatment that can save your time and money. Most importantly it can save your life. So a little knowledge goes a long way toward making the right choice.

Frontline ER emergency care located at 7331 Gaston Ave, Suite 180 Dallas, TX 75214 and serving customers from the all around 75214, 75218, 75228, 75223, 75206, 75227, 75204 areas.

So if you are looking for the ER clinic near you – we are always around.