What Our Patients Are Asking

Check Out Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are free-standing immediate care facilities different from a hospital-based emergency room?

    Free-standing immediate care facilities have similar staffing and capabilities that a hospital emergency room or ER facility would have. The primary difference between a free-standing emergency room / critical care / urgent care facility and a traditional hospital-based emergency room is a free-standing emergency room / urgent care facility is not attached to a hospital. No appointment is required to be seen at the free-standing facility. Another big difference are the longer wait times in a hospital-based emergency room. The national average wait time to be treated in most hospital-based emergency rooms is four hours. We normally have little or no wait time.

  2. Why are hospital emergency rooms so crowded and require such long waiting times?

    Most big hospital emergency rooms are inherently inefficient. Most of the inefficiencies are due to low staffing levels of both doctors and nurses, too few admission beds, and too many patients using emergency room cares for non-emergency visits.

  3. Do I have to make an appointment?

    No appointments are needed at FRONTLINE ER. Call FRONTLINE ER at [geolifycontent id=”26138″] and get the best medical care right away!

  4. Do you accept children for treatment?

    Yes, absolutely. We treat patients of all ages.

  5. What insurance do we accept?

    We accept all private insurance.

  6. Are you “in network”?

    We currently have agreements with most major insurance companies but according to Texas statutes, all insurance companies are required to pay in-network benefits for any member presenting for emergency room medical treatment. This law is meant to be protective, preventing time being lost by the patient having to search for an in-network facility.

  7. What will this cost me?

    This is determined by your insurance plan. If you have co-pay due, this would be required at the time of visit. Your explanation of benefits (EOB), from the insurance carrier, will describe what you would be responsible for cover regarding your visit depending on your deductible. You may also be required to pay a portion of the bill that was deductible or any co-insurance that is determined to be patient responsibility by your insurance provider.

  8. What if I have to be admitted to a hospital?

    We have transfer agreements with various hospitals in the greater Houston metropolitan area. You will be admitted to the hospital of your choice, as long as your particular hospital accepts the admission.

  9. What if I don’t have insurance?

    We have a Self-Pay program that offers discounts for patients who prefer to pay on a cash basis. We believe in not turning anyone away and we are willing to accommodate all patients.